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vehicle & equipment wash bays

Our easily transportable, self-contained equipment & truck wash bays are the perfect solution for both plant & mobile equipment.

Eco-friendly – closed-looped system – the used water is recycled and does not enter the drainage system.

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Wash Bay for Trucks & Other Vehicles with High Pressure Cleaning

the system allows you to recycle water and therefore the contaminated water does not get into the drainage system.

The wash pad is a strong innovative design and made from Galvanised Steel for corrosion resistance. The modular construction makes it ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.

Filtration System in Wash Bays
  • Portable modular above ground truck and equipment wash bay configured to suit our client’s requirements.
  • Designed to reduce water use and trade waste discharge
  • Reduce environmental impacts and trade waste discharge costs
  • Advanced water filtration and recycling process
  • Treatment involves intense microfiltration and the introduction of Ozone which is circulated throughout the Pre-Treatment Tank. Once sterilised and filtered the water is then drawn to the water blasting equipment.
  • Ideal for parks recreational areas and more.
  • The Manco Rail Street Sanitisation unit offers quiet operation
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