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Rear Loaders

find the right rear loader for the job

5, 6, & 8m3 body capacity

2.5 to 8m3 body capacity

Body Capacity: 8, 10, 12 & 14m3

Body Capacity: 10, 12, 14 & 16.5m3

Body Capacity: 20 & 24m3

looking for a rear loader to exceed your expectations with reliable performance?

Manco Rear loaders are produced in various body volumes, heights and weights providing our customers more suitable selection for your application. Manco Rear Loaders focused engineering provides simplicity and efficiency to your daily collection routine. The design of all Manco rear loaders requires less maintenance with its unique pendulum compaction system eliminating guide blocks and fewer lubrication points.

All Manco rear loaders are fitted with a compaction seal between body and tailgate to prevent liquids escaping during collection and transfer into the body. Manco manufactures a rear loader model to suit the needs of any waste management task.

All bodies are available with various tailgate configurations, from manual handling, single and dual bin lifters to dynamic load weighting you’ll find your fitment with us.

36 Month Warranty on Rear Loading Trucks
Iron Mountain Newt Rear Loader

Manco supports all it’s products with exceptional customer service, we are so confident with our rear loaders we back them with a 36 month warranty.

Manco is a full-service provider supporting our customers via our national trained service network 24/7.

Modern energy efficient load sense proportional hydraulics deliver smooth controlled movement and quiet operation.

Safety is a standard inclusion on Manco Rear Loaders fitted with a comprehensive range of safety features to keep both vehicle operators and public safe. Operators can control the rear loader through our touch screen located in the safety of the vehicle cab.

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