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Fully Electric Articulated
Washer | Sweeper | Suction Unit

High-Pressure Cleaning, Pavement Sweeping, Sewage Recycling

This fully electric articulated washer / sweeper / suction unit incorporates excellent pavement sweeping performance, high pressure water cleaning, sewage recycling & so much more.

It combines flexible manoeuvrability, strong cleaning ability & a compact design for working in confined spaces.

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Super Compact

With a width of only 1210mm operation in confined areas and narrow streets can be achieved with ease. The minimum turning radius is only 2.5m allows easy operation on standard street widths and rotating around fixed objects.

Length of Operation

An eight hour operation can be achieved on a fully charged battery,

Lightweight Materials

Structural parts of the garbage collection body, suction nozzle and suction tube are made out of high-strength aluminium alloy. The clean-water tank, various operation boxes and panels are made out of high-strength PE or FRP.

Panoramic Windscreen Views

The windscreen cab has a visual angle of 270o which makes for great visibility and easy operation. Safety glass to the highest standards is used throughout.

Shock Absorption Performance

The unit is equipped with a German manufactured air suspension seat, which allows the height and aeration amount of the seat to be adjusted at any time according to the drivers height and weight. The excellent shock absorption performance therefore ensures operator comfort.

High Automatic Control Level

The controller, colour display screen, CAN bus control system and one-touch operation enables the various functions for intelligent detection and diagnosis of the vehicle performance and displays real-time all key vehicle operations.

Supporting Equipment

The operator’s cabin is air conditioned and include a radio, MP3 player, and a mobile phone charger.

Safety Protection

Installed is real-time display on the status of steering, hand brake, seat belt status, discharge hopper status and charging equipment engaged.

High-Pressure Water Pump

The water pump is an Italian manufactured three-plunger high-pressure pump with a rated flow of 15L/min, rated speed of 1750r/min and a rated pressure of 14MPa.


Accessories include special operation devices such as a hand operated vacuum wand, extra working lights and an additional ground scrubbing device.

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