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Food Waste Body – Future Organics 12
Food organics collection solution

The Future Organics 12 (FO12), is a lightweight system designed specifically for food waste collection.

Food waste collection vehicles are essential in any populated areas as they’re the most economical way of collection in high density urban environments due to their small footprint and large payload.

While advances in technologies such as hydraulics and electronics have made waste collection trucks more ergonomic and efficient over the years, and various loading and unloading mechanics have reduced the work required of operators, not all trucks are well adapted to handling all types of waste.

Municipalities and contractors need to ensure their capital investment in collection vehicles is cost effective and provides efficiency combined with a safe and ergonomic environment.

The Future Organics 12 design is so uniquely geared toward food waste collection that a number of patents have been included. The body consists of two independently sealed compartments for front loading and storage.

  • 800mm loading height into a 300-litre transfer bin
  • Large payload with a 25-240L collection capability
  • Latest innovation & multi patented
  • Accommodates up to 20 caddie discharges before a lift is required
  • Live drive hydraulic system
  • Bin tipping cycle can be completed in under 11 seconds
  • Sealed roof enclosure of the food waste, providing odour control along with deterrents for birds and the like when enroute
  • 100% complete stainless steel for hygiene and corrosion resistant
  • Automatic rear roof section opening
  • No rear tailgate therefore reduced risk of leakage
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